The best locations for a wedding in Spain

Gothic cathedrals, a romantic church on a rock or rather an intimate beach celebration at sunrise: these are all examples of destination and location ideas that excited future brides might have for their wedding day. 

Son Marroig - Majorca

Couples tend to have quite some criteria when it comes to selecting an amazing location for their wedding day. Does it have that special touch that they are looking for? It doesn´t get a lot more romantic than a wedding accompanied by the soft Mediterranean climate, the sea in the background and great food and wine during the wedding.

A Spanish Wedding - Where to start?

Organising a wedding can be overwhelming, as there is a lot to take care of and couples will experience more stress as the date gets closer. The minimum amount of time that is needed to organise is about three months, mainly because of the paperwork that needs to be taken care of. However, it is of course recommended to take your time, especially when deciding to get married in a different country.

Wedding at the beach, Formentera

The most important aspect of the wedding is the location, as this makes or breaks the whole event. Whether you would like to get married in a forest, on the beach or on a mountaintop: it needs to be arranged well in advance. 

It may be useful to ask the help of a wedding planner, as he or she is specialized in negotiating with suppliers and knows where to find the best locations. Making arrangements like these are easier when you speak the language, another aspect that a wedding planner might help you with. If you decide to organise everything yourself, try to find suppliers that have a decent level of English to avoid miscommunication.    

After finding a suitable location, there are still many things that need to be taken care of. Examples include finding a good photographer and choosing decorations for the setting. Having a professional photographer is crucial, as you obviously won´t be able to repeat the day and if you are not satisfied with the pictures, you will regret not spending a bit more on a good, reliable photographer. You might even decide to bring the photographer with you on the destination wedding if that’s what you prefer.    

Just like at a regular wedding, the list of things to do is endless. We recommend having a look at Pinterest, as this platform offers loads of inspiration and information regarding weddings (abroad). 

Wedding Legal Issues

Legalizing a marriage can be complicated, even more so if you want to do it abroad. In Spain, there are a couple of requirements one needs to fulfil in order to get married by law. In comparison to countries such as Italy, it is not possible for non-residents and foreigners to legalize the marriage in Spain. Either one of the two needs to either have a Spanish nationality or have been a Spanish resident for at least two years. 

Assuming that the majority of the couples having a destination wedding in Spain do not fulfil this requirement, there are several other options. The easiest choice is to legalize the marriage in your home country and then have the wedding ceremony abroad. That way, all the paperwork is easily arranged at home and have the celebration abroad at a later date.

Note: As we previously mentioned, the legal aspect of a marriage and the level of difficulty depends on the country. If you decide to get married in a different country, make sure to check the requirements and possibilities well in advance. That way you avoid trouble and disappointment at the last moment. You can usually check this out on the government website of your home country. 

Legal stuff aside, let’s move onto picking a location for your perfect day. If you have always dreamed of having a fairytale wedding on the Mediterranean, then definitely read along. 

Location, location, location

We’ve mentioned it before: the location can make or break your special day. With that many options, it may be easy to become overwhelmed and lose sight of the bigger picture. To help you choose, we will now discuss the most popular options.

Beach Weddings

If you ask people what word they associate with Spain, it´s probably ´beach´. This is not very surprising, as Spain´s got almost 5,000 kilometres of coastline. It is one of the most popular options for a destination wedding, due to the tropical image it provides. Who wouldn’t like to make it official with their feet in the golden sand? Bear in mind that you can’t just have a wedding on any beach as some of them are prohibited, make sure to do some research first to find the perfect beach for your day and avoid disappointment. 

Forest Weddings

Imagine birds chirping and sunlight coming through the trees while you look into your partner's eyes and tie the knot…if this is music to your ears, then a forest wedding is perfect for you! The whole fairytale feel is something that draws many people to this type of wedding location. The advantage is that not a lot of decoration is needed; the lush vegetation and the sunlight already add a lot of enchantment to the setting. 

Church Wedding

Traditional yet beautiful: a wedding in a church. In order to legalize the religious part of the wedding, all documentation must be officially translated into the language of the country where the ceremony is taking place. Other than that, it is perfectly possible to have a church wedding abroad if you have a Catholic background.

Villa S'Arenal, Majorca
On top of a mountain, underwater, in the jungle… you choose!
There are no limits when it comes to your wedding day. If you want to get married in an extraordinary location it might be a good idea to ask the help of a wedding planner, however everything is possible. 
Read on to discover some of the beautiful locations in Spain which are perfect for the wedding of your dreams. 

A Wedding at the Beach

Wedding on the beach - Formentera

If you imagine a destination wedding, the idea of getting married on the beach probably pops up in your head. The soft white sand, the sound of the waves breaking on the shore and a sunset on the horizon make the beach wedding a very popular option.

Many say that Bolonia Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. With its incredibly soft sand and crystal clear, shallow water it certainly is a lovely spot to celebrate your white wedding. Another area with great beaches is Cadiz, where you can find loads of lovely villas to celebrate your wedding with all your loved ones. 

If you want to make sure you have a sunny wedding day, then the Costa del Sol is a great option. With more than 325 sunny days a year, the chance of getting rain on that day is relatively small. We made a list of the best beaches on the ¨Sunny Coast¨ to make the location selection process even easier. 

Spanish Churches and Monasteries

Monasterio de Piedra, Navalus

If you’d like a historical touch on your wedding day, then getting married in a church or a monastery is the perfect choice. Be surrounded by impressive walls, pillars and remains of old times while you walk down the aisle. Below are two of the most unique, historical locations in Spain, giving you a taste of what this country has to offer.  

The Cistercian Abbey, Navalus, Aragón 

The Cistercian Abbey in Navalus is located in the heart of in the spectacular Monasterio de Piedra Park (Aragón). This place is well known for its wonderful surroundings and a huge variety of flora and fauna. If you dream of sealing the deal in a real medieval monastery with big walls and impressive columns that go 800 years back in time, you might have just found the perfect location for your wedding.  

Monasterio de Piedra, park

If you decide to get married at this monastery, there are several options. The ceremony can take place either inside the abbey or outside of it, surrounded by waterfalls and mountain streams. It is a paradise for nature lovers, so we would definitely recommend renting a holiday home in the Aragón area. Mountains, hiking paths and stunning views are right around the corner! 

La Ermita de San Juan, Vizcaya, Basque Country

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

If you are looking for a really unusual spot, then keep reading. Just by looking at the pictures, you will get an idea of how truly unique and magical this place is. We are talking about La Ermita de San Juan de Gaztegulatxe, a medieval church dating back to the ninth century. It is located on a tiny island which is connected to the mainland of Vizcaya, Basque Country by a narrow bridge. A wedding in this place is perfect for those wanting to be surrounded by nothing more than open sea and lush greenery on the hills. 

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Before you decide on booking this location, keep in mind that you need to climb 231 steps to get to the church. This is definitely something to think about, especially if you have guests with physical limitations. The best time to have a wedding here is during either spring or autumn, to make sure that the wind or the high waves do not spoil the wedding day. 

This incredible place gained even more popularity in 2017, as it was used as a filming location for the popular TV series ¨Game of Thrones¨. Go to the spot where The Mother of Dragons herself - aka the gorgeous blonde Daenerys - has been as well. 

If you decide to get married in the Basque Country, look for accommodation in San Sebastian. It’s a vibrant city full of charm, that offers amazing gastronomy as well as plenty of attractions to keep your guests entertained. 

Spanish Wedding Destinations

Spain is a very diverse country, so it's got something for everyone´s taste when it comes to wedding settings. Each area has got its own charm and climate, so it’s worth taking that into consideration. 

The Spanish Coasts

Having a wedding at one of the Spanish Coasts is a great option in case you want to get married at the beach. There is a difference between the coasts, however. 

The Costa del Sol is probably one of the most well-known coasts in Spain. With Malaga being an international airport, this part of the country is very well connected to the rest of Europe, making it very popular. The climate is hot and the beaches are great, so the chance of bad weather on your wedding high is low.

If you are looking for something different, then Costa de la Luz might be perfect for you. It is not as well-known as the Costa del Sol, however, it´s definitely got its charm. The beaches here are softer and have a beautiful golden colour.

The rest of Spain

You might be drawn to the image of getting married at the southern and eastern coasts, however let’s not forget the beautiful areas in the rest of Spain! Especially the north of Spain, which is known for its gorgeous green areas making it the perfect location for a wedding. Provinces such as Galicia and Asturias might not be as suitable for a winter wedding, however in summer the temperature is very pleasant. It might not be the first area you think of to have your wedding, however you might just be surprised by its beauty! 

We’ll explore in more detail the Spanish Islands, the Costa Blanca, Catalonia and Andalusia later on in this article and we’ll feature some of the fantastic properties we have in those areas to give you some ideas and inspiration for your big day!  

Island Weddings


We think it speaks for itself why getting married on a Spanish island is such a great idea. With both the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands there is enough to choose from. 

The secret bays of the Balearic Islands with their crystal clear, deep blue water offer an amazing environment to put a ring on it. Add amazing architecture and lush vegetation to this and you can understand why so many people choose to have an intimate, romantic celebration with their friends and family here. 

In a little neighbourhood called Portals Nous, part of the town of Calvia which is located just to the west of Palma de Mallorca - there is a little church situated just above the sea. It’s a fantastic option for your destination wedding, as the views over the Mediterranean sea, the green surroundings and the endless blue sky will add a magical touch to your special celebrations. The church is very easy to reach and is located next to a small port, which is a great place to take the wedding pictures after the ceremony. 

Wedding Venues on the Balearic Islands

As we have over 1,500 wonderful holiday homes at Mallorca, there is definitely a perfect one out there for you to celebrate this special event with your loved ones. Check out our selection of holiday homes on the Balearic Islands, there are four big islands in total and a few smaller islands so you’ve got plenty to choose from. 

Finca Son Serra Marin, ID: 25718

Finca Son Serra Marina on Mallorca is one of those places where you’d not only love to get married, but you’d love to live! There is plenty of space, the interior is beautiful and the swimming pool and lovely garden will delight your guests. 

Villa Paix - Paulonia, ID: 37733

If you want to make a lasting impression on your guests, then definitely have a look at Villa Paix-Paulónia on Mallorca. This holiday villa will provide both guests and the happy couple with maximum comfort. 

Villa Weedy, ID: 3417

Those who dream of a wedding on the party island of Ibiza should definitely check out Villa Weedy. This lovely villa is only a short distance away from one of the most famous beaches on Ibiza: Cala Salada. The white walls are reminiscent of a traditional Arabian house, while the vibrant colours of the plants add a lot of character to this place. You will without a doubt have an unforgettable time and will want to come back again. 

If you didn’t see anything for you on the Balearics, then check out the Canary Islands as well. We compared them to find out the differences, to make the choice a lot easier for you. 

Wedding Venues on the Costa Blanca

Villa Perla, ID:23679

The Costa Blanca is a great destination for your wedding. With long, soft beaches and great weather, you don’t need a lot else to make it a great day. Let’s have a look at some amazing holiday homes!

Villa Perla is a luxurious villa located on a hill overlooking endless orchards, white huts and the beautiful sea all the way to the horizon. Sounds good, right? In addition to the fact that the house is suitable for a big group of family and friends (28 guests), the homeowners also assured that big celebrations such as a wedding are not a problem at all. 
If you want to celebrate your wedding in a carefree, private setting, then this wonderful villa is definitely one of the best options. 
Villa El Descanso, ID: 27480
If you are mainly looking for luxury - because let’s be honest: isn’t there a better time to treat yourself and your partner than with the wedding? - then check out Villa El Descanso. This amazing holiday home has got two swimming pools, a cinema, spa and sauna and to top it all off, panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. 
It might be a good idea to enjoy your honeymoon here as well: with the beaches of the Costa Blanca that close to the holiday home, you have no other choice than to enjoy your time off to the fullest. Wake up, have breakfast on the terrace and wind down in the afternoon with a delicious glass of Spanish wine. 
Wedding Venues in Catalonia
The most famous city in Catalonia is of course Barcelona, however it has got a lot more to offer than that. Provinces like Girona and Tarragona offer a great balance between city life and beaches, so there’s no need to choose! Let´s have a look at the typical Catalonia wedding styles and the most popular type of holiday homes on offer in this area. 
Inhabitants of Catalonia often celebrate their weddings in “masias”, old, brick houses that have a great rural feel.

Almiral de la Font is a completely renovated 16th century villa in Sitges, close to Barcelona. This villa almost looks like a little basilica because of the thick walls, small windows and arches. If you want your wedding to take place in a luxurious property but you still want that rustic touch, this is the perfect place!

Villa in Begur, ID: 7784 

The next property we have is in Begur, Girona and is big enough for 24 guests. The size is a great advantage, as you don’t have to worry about finding other accommodation in the area for big groups. Guests can enjoy the big swimming pool, indoor patio and 1000 square metres of garden. It even has nine bathrooms! So there’ll be no need to fight over mirrors on the morning of the wedding...

Villa in Sitges, ID: 15017

Celebrating your wedding close to Sitges is a great excuse to spend a holiday there with your loved ones as well. The villa is close to the best cities along the Costa Brava, so you can explore the Penedes wine route or go to one of the beautiful beaches in Tarragona. A one-day trip to Barcelona will definitely be a great excursion idea for you and your guests as well. 
Luxury villa in Sitges, ID: 9243

Wedding Venues in Andalusia

Andalusia offers great options for engaged couples. Whether you are looking for romantic chapels and churches or the perfect beach, you’ll find it here. Andalusia is known for its parties, so get ready to party until dawn! 

Benalmadena Pueblo church

This church in Benalmadena is what dreams are made of! Close to the city centre you will find a small square with a fountain and a statue called ¨The girl of Benalmadena¨. The fragrant orange trees surrounding the square offer shade in the summer and contribute to the charming scene. Add a background of white buildings to this and you have a wonderful and intimate atmosphere.  

Villa in Mijas ID:201

A narrow alley will take you to your destination - a 16th century church. It’s a small and intimate building surrounded by the green trees and the blue sky. The church is built on a rocky mountaintop and offers you a great view on the Costa del Sol: Malaga, Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola and Marbella. If the sky is clear you will even be able to see Gibraltar and the African mountains. 

When it comes to locations for the wedding there are many possibilities, of which this family villa in Mijas Costa is one of them. The villa can accommodate up to 22 people and the garden is big enough to have an unforgettable wedding banquet for everyone.

Hacienda Madronal, ID: 26848

If you’re after a luxury wedding, then Marbella without a doubt is the place to beHacienda Madronal is one of those places that fits into the perfect picture of a luxurious wedding celebration. The swimming pools, the spectacular sea view and the huge garden will make this event a memorable one for both couple and guests.  

Villa in Casares, ID: 9531
If you prefer to have your wedding in the countryside, then this typical Andalusian mansion in Casares should definitely be on your list. Surrounded by a beautiful garden, this house reflects the traditions and spirit of the province of Andalusia. This traditional Cortijo Andaluz has been fully renovated and prepared for you and your guests. 
No matter how you decide to organise your wedding, we definitely recommend celebrating it under the Spanish sun. 
With a glass of Rioja in your hand, a nice tapa in the other and family and friends around you dancing and having fun, there is not a lot more you could wish for. Prepare it well, take your time but above all - enjoy this amazing experience.