The Best LGBTQ Events in Spain

Spain is one of the most LGBTQ friendly countries in the world. Pride events, festivals and parades have been celebrated in Spain for many years and you can find these events in every corner of the country, from the capital Madrid to the island of Gran Canaria.

This year promises to be special, cities and towns all over the country are preparing parties of all kinds, so no matter where you go on holiday in Spain this year you’ll be able to take part in the pride and the fun. 

Gay pride in Madrid

1. Madrid Gay Pride

Madrid is known internationally for being one of the most open-minded and gay-friendly cities in Europe and during the celebrations, the Chueca neighbourhood and the main streets of the centre host a multitude of activities, outdoor concerts and pride parades. 

People celebrating gay pride in Madrid around the Cibeles fountain
Madrid’s Gay Pride event is one of the biggest LGBT parties in the whole of Europe and attracts over two million attendees from all over the world. It consists of concerts, activities and parties including a high heel race, a water fight, a Mr Gay España competition and tours of Chueca. The weekend the Pride Parade takes place, watch as the streets of Madrid fill with crazy, happy revellers. 
Gay pride in the Chueca neighbourhood, Madrid

A cultural exchange space called Pride Village is located in Madrid Río, this space hosts all kinds of educational and cultural activities suitable for the whole family. Madrid Pride is suitable for children, so if you are planning a family holiday to Spain then consider including this event in your list of activities.

2. Barcelona Gay Pride

Gay pride parade in Barcelona

Although it is not as big as Madrid Pride, Barcelona Pride is set to be the biggest LGBT event in the Mediterranean and is an unmissable event if you are in renting a holiday apartment in Barcelona. A speech kicks off the celebration in Plaça Universitat which is located just at the beginning of Barcelona’s Eixample district. 

The port of Moll de la Fusta also hosts all kinds of LGBT awareness parties and activities around this time. The whole city takes to the streets for the pride parade, which will start in Plaza España and run down one of Barcelona’s main streets - the Avenida del Paral·lel - until reaching the port. Floats, rainbow flags and more than 20,000 people of all ages and sexual orientations participate in this event and seek to raise awareness for the LGBT community and fight for equality.

3. Sitges Gay Pride

Sitges gay pride parade

For beach lovers, Sitges gay pride is perfect and unmissable. The beautiful beachside town of Sitges is home to an LGBT event that has not stopped growing since its first parade. This event attracts thousands of people who come to celebrate and enjoy the concerts, DJ sessions and fashion shows.

The main event of Sitges Pride is the parade which takes place along the promenade. You can expect international DJs, artists, bright floats and thousands of spectators, making this parade one of the best Mediterranean summer festivals and an unmissable event if you are staying in Sitges this year

4. We Pride Festival - Madrid

We Pride Festival in Madrid

Also taking place in Madrid is the We Pride Festival, another of the biggest gay events in the world. It’s a unique experience, combining the best electronic music with all types of artistic performances from music and dance to decoration and visual effects. It's held in different venues across the city and attracts thousands of young people each year. It’s 10 days of complete madness, freedom and colour.

5. Velvet - Ibiza

Velvet Pride, Ibiza

Velvet is a vibrant women-only event held on a private resort in Ibiza. It’s four days and nights of pool parties, club nights, music, sun, beach and sports. This weekend promotes fun, friendship, new love and life - all energized by sun and sangria! 

6. Delice Dream Spring Break - Torremolinos

Delice Dream Torremolinos

There are plenty of fun activities and events going on throughout the week at this celebration including the Mister Delice Dream competition, “Olympic Games,” beach parties and pool parties all featuring the best European DJs. Torremolinos is the perfect gay-friendly place to stay for this event, the town is full of gay-friendly clubs, bars, saunas and beaches and boasts warm seas and hot sun.  

7. Maspalomas Gay Pride - Gran Canaria 

Maspalomas Gay Pride takes place in Europe's gay paradise of Gran Canaria. Nearly 10,000 attendees fill the streets of Maspalomas during the ten days of shows, parades, pool parties and boat excursions. 

8. ARN Culture Pride - Tenerife

Gay Pride celebrations in Spain

ARN Culture Pride is held in Tenerife. This festival was born with the aim of uniting the worlds of culture, business and the LGBTQ community.

Over five days, Arona will unleash culture in various forms such as concerts, exhibitions, literary conferences and a film series all celebrating sexual diversity. The Alan Turing Awards will also take place at this festival, which recognises the most outstanding personalities within the world of computing.

9. Wonder Gay Festival - Torremolinos

The Wonder Gay Festival is one of the best gay events taking place during the summer on the Costa del Sol. The event attracts thousands of guys and girls from Madrid and beyond, to the beautiful beaches of the Costa del Sol for seven days of wild parties featuring international DJs. 

10. Circuit Festival - Barcelona  

Barcelona Circuit Festival

The Barcelona Circuit Festival has only one objective: to make this summer the best of your life. It is one of the biggest summer events in Europe, with more than twenty different parties and up to 70,000 people, making Barcelona the capital of LGBTQ during the summer months.

This event is loaded with recreational, cultural, sport and pride activities. As well as the best sessions with international DJs, there’s also an incredible water party in the Illa Fantasia waterpark.

The Girlie Circuit Barcelona - the largest lesbian festival in Europe -  more than 10,000 spectators are expected to participate in this edition of the festival that will take place in different venues across Barcelona.

11. LesGaiCineMad - Madrid

LesGaiCineMad Madrid

This festival was born with the purpose of publicising lesbian, gay and transsexual films, shorts, documentaries and video art. Year after year, the festival has increased in popularity and has become a well-known name within the LGBTQ community.

Around 12,000 people are expected to attend this festival, where films will be screened and debated between guest speakers and the public. 

12. Maspalomas Fetish Week - Gran Canaria

Maspalomas Fetish Week

Maspalomas Fetish Week returns, it’s the annual event for lovers of fetishism. It takes place in the Yumbo Shopping Centre in Gran Canaria and includes a variety of themed parties where attendees dress accordingly whether its in leather, chains or underwear.  

It is one of the most daring fetish parties in Spain and won’t leave anyone underwhelmed. Its programme includes DJ sessions, pornographic shows, fetish art exhibitions, pool parties and more. In addition, the sun and the good weather of the Canary Islands in October attract thousands of people to the islands and are one of the most desirable holiday destinations in the world. 

13. MadBear - Madrid

MadBear Madrid

Coinciding with the main bank holiday weekend in December, the International MadBear Festival will return to Madrid. This event welcomes all Bears, Cubs, Hunters, Chubbies and admirers of these groups. The fun starts in the day and continues well into the night with special dinners and parties in different saunas throughout the Chueca neighbourhood and the Mister Madbear 2021 will be chosen.

If you don’t want to wait until December, there’s always the MadBear Beach which takes place in Torremolinos in August. Festival-goers can enjoy boat, pool and beach parties and of course, the men of the Costa del Sol.

14. We Party New Year Festival - Madrid

We Party New Year Festival in Madrid

Madrid hosts the biggest LGBTQ events of both summer and winter, the We Party New Year Festival is the biggest gay winter event in Europe. It consists of seven nights of non-stop partying and attracts almost 20,000 people wishing to bid farewell to the year in the country’s capital.  

It is held at the end of December and features sessions from some of the best international DJs, shows of all kinds and dozens of dancers to light up the atmosphere. Without a doubt, it’s a paradise of fun and the best commercial music. What better way to say goodbye to the past year than surrounding yourself with the most handsome men and the best energy in one of the craziest parties in Madrid?

There are numerous LGBTQ pride events organised across the whole of Spain which celebrate the freedom and integration of sexual diversity. Thanks to Spain's open-mindedness and liberalism, these events are increasingly successful and have gained fame, popularity and international recognition.

Best of all, they are open to the general public. So, that's wh,y no matter your sexual orientation, you are welcome to join in the celebrations and be free.

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