A visit to the Caja Granada Museum

We know you love Spanish city breaks.  Granada is right up there as a top Spanish city destination. But, when you are accompanied by the kids, you have to factor in some time for them to let off some steam too. They get so bored of shopping and restaurants, poring over monuments and pounding the streets, so unless you happen to be lucky enough to have your very own Mary Poppins in tow, what's the answer?

Caja GRANADA museum


Distracting the children

Parks are an ideal distraction for children, and you can relax in the sun while they expend some energy. But keep museums in mind too - especially where there are interactive displays involved.  The Science Park and Mummies Exhibition is a popular choice. But there are other options.  Take them along to the Caja Granada Museum, and see what they can discover.  There's little or no information on the Caja Granada Museum in English, so hopefully you will find this useful.  What's there?  We went along for a look...

Caja Granada

Modern Architecture

The first thing you will notice is the building itself, due to the shape.  It's a tall square with a walkway at the top, which resembles a slot for a credit card in a cash-point!  Well, it does to me - maybe that was the idea, given that it's the Caja Granada Museum. It's a modern architectural building that has already become a landmark on the Granada skyline, at odds with the ancient Alhambra Palace up on the hill.  In a city of spires and Moorish architectural heritage, modern architecture really catches the eye and makes you sit up and take notice.  An architectural antidote?  Definitely. 

Caja Granada museum

Where is the Caja Granada Museum?

You'll find the Caja Granada Museum on Avenida de la Ciencia, 2. 18006 Granada.  

Telephone: 958 222 257

Entry cost is just €4, with concessions at €3

Visit the official website

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday: 09:30 - 14:00

Additionally, Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 16:00 - 19:00

Summer hours: July: Monday to Saturday 09:00 - 15:00

August: CLOSED.

*Worth mentioning, the art gallery/temporary exhibitions don't open until later in the morning, which isn't mentioned anywhere within the opening hours or any written information.  This was mildly irritating as we were on our way somewhere else, but our enquiry was met with a mere shrug.  So, if you want to see everything, maybe don't set out too early.

What's inside?

The aim of this museum is to bring the art, history and landscapes of Andalucía closer to the public, and there are four rooms laid out to explore.  Let's go!

Room 1

Andalucía: A Diversity of landscapes.

Read about, watch and see, to discover the landscapes of Andalucia.  The geographical diversity of the landscape, the mountainous terrain.  Flora and fauna, and the influence of the population from earliest time.


Room 2

The land and the cities of Andalucía.

Delve into the lives of the people who inhabited Andalucía  - the social scene and the architecture of the region.

Room 3

Ways of life and lifestyle in Andalucía.

Prehistoric lives, the early days of the lives of the Andalucian population, taking us right up to the present day.

Room 4

Art and Culture

Pottery (locked safely away!) Prehistoric vessels and art and culture are in this room.  Pieces of pottery are available to touch - and there are replicas of other pieces to be more 'hands-on' with.


Child friendly displays

Each room is cavernous, and you are naturally guided from one into the other, which in turn leads you in a curvaceous sweep around the building.  There's plenty of room for children with limited spacial awareness, that'll be all of them!   There's nothing to knock over or crash down.  Jumping legs are encouraged with interactive maps to stand on. Inquisitive fingers will find knobs to twist and doors to open - there are even displays where you wave your arms around to make the display work. 

There's a very scary model Wolf with bared teeth to elicit a scream or two, and interactive learning boards to flip and roll.

All of the displays are placed at a low level - child-friendly, even if your youngest VIP is still in a pushchair. *All on one level too.


Family friendly day and Art appreciation

There were a few school groups when we visited, so the noise level is loud - in fact, no need to shush or behave at all!  If you do manage to get to see the collection of art then consider it a bonus! 

Although we weren't so lucky as to get there at the correct time to see it, the art exhibition hosts close to 100 works of art, produced by Andalucían, national and international masters of various times, from the 16th to the 21st century.  There are works by Picasso, Guerrero, Rivera, Tápies, Laffón, Warhol, Bacon and more.  Perhaps we'll have to return to the Caja Granada Museum another time.

For a family visit - a morning discovering everything at the Caja Granada Museum comes highly recommended.  Exercise and fun combined - and they might even learn a thing or two - always useful for show and tell when they get back to reality and are back at school - especially if you've managed to wangle time off in term-time!