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Alameda is a small town approximately 85 kilometres from the city of Malaga in the province of the same name. It takes its name from the Alamos stream which crosses the municipal. The town has a population of around 5,000 inhabitants, natives are called Alamedanos or Laetanos.

It’s a very pleasant rural getaway for those looking for something other then the typical Costa del Sol package holiday.

Alameda is famed as the burial place of the famous Bandito (Bandit) “El Tempranillo”.

However its history dates back to Neolithic man. During the Roman occupation Alameda was an important strategic town.

Alameda has a typical diet for the area, serving up many rice dishes, delicous Chorizo (Spanish sausage) and Spanish black pudding. The most famous dish of the area is Porra Antequera, made of bread, tomatoes, olice oil, salt, garlic and peppers.

The town celebrates its patron saint San Isidro on the 14-15th may and one of the most important annual festivals is that of the Noche de la Candelaria (Night of the Candle Mass), which is celebrated on the 2nd February. Alameda’s annual feria takes place in August.

The climate is temperate, as all of the Málaga province, with a warm average of 86° during the summer and a pleasant 64° during the winter months.

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Reviews for Alameda

Average overall ratings - Based on 1 reviews.

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