School Holiday Calendar 2019-2020: UK & Ireland

Planning a holiday can be quite challenging as different schedules on both work and school do not always coincide. If you have children going to school, you will have to take the fixed holidays into account. As these dates tend to differ per country and even per region, we created a holiday calendar that gives you a perfect overview. That way, you can easily pick the best dates for your holiday to Spain.

Spain offers many exciting events throughout the whole year, we made a selection of the best ones for each holiday period. Scroll down to see the school holiday calendars for each region. 

Autumn Half Term

The Summer months are perfect if you like going to the beach, as the heat in the cities can be overwhelming. Autumn is the perfect season to do sightseeing in cities like Granada and Seville, as the temperatures drop to a more comfortable level.  

There are also several festivals taking place, such as the Jazz Festival in Barcelona and the Autumn festival in Madrid. The human tower competition in Tarragona has been declared an intangible cultural heritage site by UNESCO. It is definitely a particular event in Spain, if you are interested in events like these then definitely check out more weird and wonderful events. Autumn is a popular time for food festivals, so no matter where you will go, you will find one. To get in the mood, have a look at these autumn festivals in Andalusia, including some food festivals. 


Christmas Holidays

If you want to escape the freezing cold during the Christmas holidays, we have good news. Christmas is an important event in the whole of Spain, which results in many festivities and a great atmosphere. 

Madrid, Christmas

In case you spend new years eve in Spain, don't forget to bring grapes! The Spanish eat 12 grapes as soon as midnight strikes, as they believe this brings good luck for the coming year. Find out more about the traditions and blend in with the locals

February Half Term

February means Carnival, two of the biggest in Spain are the Cadiz Carnival and the Tenerife Carnival! At both destinations, this event is celebrated throughout the whole month of February. Parades, glitter and glamour, contests and people visiting from the whole world: it is definitely an event that you shouldn´t miss out on. Have a look at the best holiday homes in Cadiz and amazing accommodation on Tenerife to ensure your spot at these festive activities. 

South American vibe at carnival on Tenerife

Easter Holidays

During the Easter holidays, there is a lot going on when it comes to events in Spain. First of all, the Semana Santa takes place in Malaga. During this holy week, there are many breathtaking processions in the city centre that make this one of the most special traditions. Another option is The Feria of Seville (Feria de Sevilla), one of the biggest annual events in this city. Find the best holiday homes in Malaga and city apartments in Seville to not miss out on these popular events. 


Summer Holidays

Summer is probably the most popular time to travel to Spain, because of the amazing weather. Especially the coasts are popular, given that you can do a bit of sightseeing but also top up your tan at one of the many beaches.

EnjoyAndalusiann tapas in the comfort of your own holiday home on the Costa del Sol, visit some historical towns during your stay on the Costa Blanca or discover the rocky coves on your Costa Brava holiday.

The Spanish islands are also popular options: visit the Canary islands or stay on the Balearic islands to enjoy the amazing weather. In summer it doesn´t really matter what your holiday destination in Spain is; you will have a great time either way. 

Some events that are worth visiting in Summer are the Feria of Malaga and the Tomatina (Valencia´s annual tomato-throwing festival!). Have a look at the many festivals that take place in Spain during the month of August

Playa Sa Boadella, Lloret de Mar

United Kingdom

Please keep in mind that the dates mentioned below are combined dates from different councils and regions and should be used as a guide only. Always double-check with your child´s school before booking your holiday to Spain.




Winter holidays 2019-202023 Dec-3 JanDates may differ, depending on the region.
February half term 2019-202017-21 FebIn some regions across the UK, these dates may differ. 
Easter holidays 2019-20206-17 Apr

2 weeks in this period, in most councils schools.

Dates may differ, depending on the region.

May/Summer half term 2019-202025-29 May 
Summer holidays 2019-202023 July-2 Sept

Changes per region are possible. Most are between weeks 29 & 36.




Winter holidays 2019-202019 Dec-6 JanDates may differ regionally. 
February half term 2019-20207-12 FebVaries between one day and one week, dependent on the school.
Easter holidays 2019-20203-20 Apr2 weeks off, however, start and end date may vary regionally.
Summer holidays 2019-202024 Jun-13 AugStart and end date may vary.

Northern Ireland



Winter holidays 2019-202023 Dec-3 Jan 
February half term 2019-202018-19 FebTwo days off only.
Easter holidays 2019-20209-17 Apr 
Summer holidays 2019-20201 Jul-2 SeptEnd date may vary.





Winter holidays 2019-202020 Dec-6 JanMay differ regionally. 
February half term 2019-202017 Feb-21 May differ regionally. 
Easter holidays 2019-202015-26 AprMay differ regionally. 
May/Summer half term 2019-202025-29 MayMay differ regionally. 
Summer holidays 2019-202020 Jul- 1 SeptMay differ regionally. 



Please keep in mind that the dates mentioned below are combined dates from different councils and regions and should be used as a guide only. Always double-check with your child´s school before booking your holiday to Spain. 

Winter holidays 2019-202023 Dec-3 Jan
February half term 2019-202017-21 Feb
Easter holidays 2019-20206-17 Apr
Summer holidays 2019-20201 Jul-31Aug